helping u make activism
more relatable + less overwhelming #entrylevelactivist

based in Copenhagen, founded by Faith Robinson

With the ever-growing list of companies weaving brand activism and purpose-driven points of view into their strategies, we wondered: how many of us / their target consumer group can actually relate to real activism? And if that number is as small as we think it is, what kind of negative effect could this new kind of branded language have on the work and endeavours of real campaigners?

Activism as a term is changing alongside the brilliant level of growing public engagement with society’s biggest challenges. But maintaining its meaning feels more critical than ever. If this all this talk can’t inspire us to act, then causes will be reduced to marketing efforts in 2019 - and as we all know, some of these causes are too critical to be ignored any longer.

If an activist is someone who campaigns for change, then following, liking or purchasing your way into a movement isn’t enough. Entry Level Activist hopes to encourage more people to engage beyond the massive amount of entry points for positive change in the fashion + lifestyle industries by supporting continued action.